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Everybody Loves The Sunshine – TMD

It’s raining out. Has been all morning. The rain totally botched our plans of running into the city for a haircut… and championing a St Patty’s Day bar crawl with the peeps.

Here on the couch with the girls and my loves’ GG… Ain’t so bad.

Oh, and here is the Roy Avers track… Singing… “My life, My Life… Everybody Loves The Sunshine….”


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The AE (Account Executive) – TMD

The first few minutes at work this morning sparked this idea for a new

Ten Minute Design (TMD). Attack of the monster AE!!!! :∫

Work can sometimes feel as if we’ve been cast in a monster movie. Right?! haha…

It’s just another day at the agency. And I’m super lucky to do what I love…
Play with my crayons!

I love my AE’s. Seriously, I’m married to one… lol…


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@RevRunWisdom – Kindness – TMD

A humble homage to a childhood hero…



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10 Minute Designs – TMD

Inspired about hearing that The Polish Ambassador was playing a gig at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco this week, I knocked out a quick poster to promote the show. In less than ten minutes, then I posted it on his FB page.

Which has inspired yet another idea, 10 Minute Designs, TMD. The goal is to make a poster everyday in less then 10 minutes.

Let's see how that works out.


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Creative use of typography in advertising

Hello world,

Below are a few ads with very cool creative type treatments.

To see more visit or


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Gordon Bennett’s Robot Marvels

Oscar & Felix





Today’s Daily Heller features the art of Gordon Bennett of Bennett Robot Works. Bennett’s robots are assembled from everyday found materials and mechanical parts, each with unique and witty names. Bennet’s robot marvels are currently on display in the windows of Paul Stuart in NYC on 16th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Peep the website here.

–Enjoy, OB1

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10 Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards

Hello, you may dig on these business card designs found on Card Observer.

There are several nice letterpress designs here, (the process of inking a raised surface and then pressing it into the stock).



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