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$100 Note Unveiling Video – Benjamin Bling

About the recent redesign of U.S. greenbacks, the Department of the Treasury states on its website: “To protect your hard-earned money, the U.S. government expects to redesign its currency every seven to 10 years” in large part to thwart high-tech counterfeiting. The most noticeable difference in the new designs is the introduction of subtle background colors, like those used on current passports, “which makes it more burdensome for potential counterfeiters because it adds complexity to the note. The addition of color also makes it easier to distinguish between denominations because different background colors are used for each denomination.” The $5, $10, $20, and $50 notes have been introduced (only the beleaguered buck has been virtually untouched), and last week the new Benjamin took center stage to mixed reviews. And by the way, do you know who is on the $1000 bill?

Makes one wonder, who designs our currency? Are they anonymous for obvious reasons? And do they get samples for their portfolios?

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Gang Starr Rapper Guru Dead at 43- The Moment of Truth – It’s Mosty Tha Voice

Today is an especially sad day, and I am shedding tears as I write this note. I just heard the news. You will forever be missed Guru!! I humbly owe you many years of inspiration and happiness. As you once coined the phrase, “It’s Mostly Tha Voice”, yesterday, the voice has gone silent. Rest in Peace dear friend.

Here is the track. It’s Mostly Tha Voice.

You’ll be forever missed.

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The Bikini Bandits Episode 7 movie short vs. The 69 Eyes, Dead Girls are Easy music video

Mature content.

I just came across The 69 Eyes, Dead Girls are Easy music video and it hauntingly has some similarities to The Bikini Bandits Episode 7 movie short, I was an assistant art director on back in 1999… You be the judge.

The Bikini Bandits video:

The 69 Eyes video:


The Polish Ambassador vs. Mochipet in the Battle of the Suits – The Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA

Made this poster the other night for The Polish Ambassador (TPA).
TPA is an awesome and talented electronic producer.

Check out his latest mix on FB here

Also, for a free mp3 download of his alter ego Ample Mammal, click here.


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Dailymotion – PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN – une vidéo Art et Création

My bud Matt passed this on to me this morning. Can’t say enough about this one, so I’ll stick to a simple four letter word: SICK!

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Sneak Peek: Hundreds of Approved iPad Apps [VIDEO]

The hunt for approved iPad apps has officially ended, as the folks from App Advice managed to dig out hundreds of them from Apple’s database. You can browse the apps and see detailed info and a screenshot for each one, and although some of the descriptions are a bit garbled, it’s more than enough info to find out what the app is about.

The site is now fairly slow under traffic load, but you can still see some of the apps in the video.
More about the ipad here.

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Onto The Next – TMD

Today was an interesting day. This poster was drawn from today’s experience.

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. I refuse to look regretfully at the closed door, but embrace what’s upon the horizon. A new chapter has begun…word!

The look for this poster took a little longer than ten minutes. Plus, I nodded out at the computer. hahaha…

Oh, and I’m still rockin’ the latest Hybrid album, Disappear Here (thanks Dre!). Woke up to the track Break my Soul…I’m hooked. I effen love breaks!


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