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Toca me 2012 Opening Titles by Maxim Zhestkov & Marcelo Baldin

A Sci-fi / Noir open titles sequence for TOCA ME design conference.

By Maxim Zhestkov & Marcelo Baldin.

Experimental: Sony Realtime Projection Mapping


СИГНАЛ / SIGNAL from Maxim Zhestkov on Vimeo

Signal, a sci-fi movie about the formation of life and transformation of dead space into the living organic matter. By Maxim Zhestkov.

First test animation in C4D…(everrrr)

steampunktest.mp4 Watch on Posterous

Cinema 4D again and again

I’ve been learning Cinema 4D this quarter at SCAD. Totally loving this software. I’ve been modeling bees. Three types. Organic, industrial and hi-tech.

Here are the rough models. Still tweaking the form and textures.


Cinema 4D

First Cinema 4D model.