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Experimental: Sony Realtime Projection Mapping


СИГНАЛ / SIGNAL from Maxim Zhestkov on Vimeo

Signal, a sci-fi movie about the formation of life and transformation of dead space into the living organic matter. By Maxim Zhestkov.

Seasons In Kandinsky has been reblogged on Kuriositas


My Seasons In Kandinsky animation has been reblogged on

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First test animation in C4D…(everrrr)

steampunktest.mp4 Watch on Posterous

Scratch: Study No. 1 ©2011

My first direct animation hand painted film at SCAD.

Dailymotion – PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN – une vidéo Art et Création

My bud Matt passed this on to me this morning. Can’t say enough about this one, so I’ll stick to a simple four letter word: SICK!

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Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Chronicles. “Public Enemy OBI-WAN”

Public Enemy, OBI-WAN

Public Enemy, OBI-WAN

For those of you that are a fan of mash-ups, I think you will enjoy this one. This remake features Star Wars inspired animation, parodied with hip hop lyrics.

MCs Vader, Skywalker, Palpatine and Trooper are back with a sequel to the hit animated series Star Wars Gangsta Rap. With surprise appearances from Leia, Lando, and all your favorite flow from a galaxy far, far away.

—enjoy, OB1