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RJD2 – Let There Be Horns


Up late… just got in from a fun night playing poker with the kru. RJD2 on the mac…So good…

Take a listen…

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Eminem vs Lil Wayne: The Showdown

Mixtape Wall is a showcase of appealing, artistic and inspirational Mixtape Covers by designers around the world.

I’ve been a huge fan of the mixtape since about ‘86. I used to DJ and craft my own mixtapes (back then, they were also called pause tapes) when I was a teen. I spent hours, days, weeks, spinning records, looking for that perfect beat to blend.

Below is the track listing and link to the Eminem vs Lil Wayne Mixtape.

Track list:
01) Intro
02) D Boy
03) Wanna Buck
04) Feeling Like a Pimp
05) Outta Town
06) Lil Wayne interlude
07) First Time
08) Fresh
09) Patiantly Waiting
10) Get in there
11) Eminem interlude
12) Move
13) Rich Girl
14) Yall Want Drama
15) My House

—enjoy. OB1

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Goodbye 2009—Hello 2010. Jay-Z’s ‘On To The Next One’ video. HAPPY NEW YEAR WORLD!

Still learning how to work out posterous. The previous Jay-Z video is on autoplay. Haven’t quite figured out how to stop that. So here is another post.

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RJD2 on Pandora

If you’re up late, working, surfing the web, plug RJD2 into pandora. All you need.

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