Facebook Fail?

Recently, I mentioned starting a Facebook fan page with Gina; Gym.Tanning.Laundry (GTL).

As of this moment, 4:10 PM, February 4th, 2010, the page has attracted 18,432 fans. In less than a month…pretty cool, huh? Well, not so much. I’ve lost my administrator privileges. My publishing rights have been blocked by FB.

A couple of days ago, I received an email from FB asking me to confirm my affiliation with the site. Below is the email.

“Our records indicate that you are currently the admin of a Facebook Page with a large number of fans, Gym.Tanning.Laundry (GTL). To ensure a positive user experience, we require admins of large Pages to confirm their affiliation with the brand, business, person, or entity that their Page represents. Please use the following link to authenticate your Page.”

So, I did. I attempted to authenticate the GTL fan page. What a Facebook Fail. Our friends at FB sent me a second email.

“The Page “Gym.Tanning.Laundry (GTL)” has had its publishing rights blocked because it violates our Pages Terms of Use”

Damn son…. That sucks! Haha. However, I’ve learned a little bit about FB Fan Pages and Insights. So, no love lost here.

Originally, Gina and I began this fan page because we heard the GTL moniker while watching an episode of the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. We both thought it was clever and a great catchphrase.

Onto the next I suppose…

– OB1

100 Amazing Futuristic Design Concepts

This is another link I hope you enjoy. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve been sorting through older bookmarks of design inspiration. This one is all about concept designers also referred to as “visual futurists”. Remember that these are all just conceptual, you can’t buy them yet!

The Audi Shark – Flying Sportscar

This impressive concept design by Kazim Doku is a flying sportscar. Meant to combine the raciness of motorcycles with the sleekness of aircraft, the Audi shark is the answer to our collective sci-fi dreams. This award-winning concept design is a two-seater that offers its passengers “strong sensations and high levels of safety”.

Spokeless Wheels Bike

Spokeless Wheels Bike - Created by Bradford Waugh

This bike concept was created by Bradford Waugh. The concept completely replaces the traditional gear system of a mainstream bike with one that allows for spokeless wheels.

For the rest of the futuristic design concepts, peep the link.

—enjoy, OB1

Apple iPad: Steve Jobs Unveils the New Apple Tablet – ABC News

The Apple iPad has finally arrived.

Apple ipad
The Apple chief is set to unveil company’s highly anticipated innovation.

After months of buzz about a tablet-style touchscreen personal computer, Apple CEO Steve Jobs today announced the company’s new iPad. Before the famed CEO even opened his mouth to say a word, the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Calling it a “truly magical product,” Jobs said the device could browse the Web, let users send e-mail, share photos, watch videos, listen to music, play games and read e-Books.

Much like an iPhone, the iPad has a touch screen that zooms in and out of Web sites and a virtual keyboard. It also orients to portrait or landscape viewing, depending on how you hold it.

Jobs said it will be half-an-inch thick and weigh in at 1.5 pounds. It will have a 9.7-inch display and include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

When Jobs said the iPad will have a 10-hour battery life, applause burst from the audience.

It will run iPhone apps on the fullscreen and emphasize gaming. But he continued on to show off its talents as an e-reader.

Demonstrating a New York Times app for the iPad, Jobs said it “captures the essence of reading the Times.” In addition to maintaining the typography and columns, it integrates video and navigation tools.

Earlier this month the company e-mailed invitations to reporters asking them to come view what it called “our latest creation”.

Though Apple was characteristically quiet on details before today’s unveiling, industry watchers said all signs seemed to point to the announcement of a device so hyped it had been dubbed the “Jesus” tablet.

“With the iPhone, you kind of nibbled at information,” said Gene Munster, a senior research analyst with Piper Jaffray. “This would be like a full meal.”

Apple Tablet Could Provide Publishers New Way to Approach Internet

Munster expected Apple to announce its multimedia tablet today and, along with it, provide a new way for publishers to approach the Internet.

In addition to announcing the tablet itself, Munster expects Jobs to announce an iTunes-like way for tablet users to download and consume newspaper articles, magazine stories and electronic books.

Apple iPad: Steve Jobs Unveils the New Apple Tablet

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’24’: Yes, Jack Bauer, it is your problem | Show Tracker | Los Angeles Times

Abduzeedo Daily Inspiration #407

This is a link you may appreciate. It’s to a daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo’s writers and users.

—enjoy, OB1

40 Beautiful Examples of Black and White Photography

You may have seen this link before. I’ve been going through some of my older bookmarks on design and photography. I will be posting some of my faves.

—enjoy, OB1

Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Chronicles. “Public Enemy OBI-WAN”

Public Enemy, OBI-WAN

Public Enemy, OBI-WAN

For those of you that are a fan of mash-ups, I think you will enjoy this one. This remake features Star Wars inspired animation, parodied with hip hop lyrics.

MCs Vader, Skywalker, Palpatine and Trooper are back with a sequel to the hit animated series Star Wars Gangsta Rap. With surprise appearances from Leia, Lando, and all your favorite flow from a galaxy far, far away.

—enjoy, OB1