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The Polish Ambassador rocked it last night in Savannah.


Tina Geis – Vintage Process – O5B8

This was taken at the Dunn wedding.

Bar-B-Q Rest Stop

Before and after the processing and color correction.

Confessions Of A Masked Man

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Just came across the works of Boss Logic, Confessions Of A Masked Man.

Peep the site.

Absolutely inspiring.



Ample Mammal AKA The Polish Ambassador Live at The New Parish, Oakland, CA

Threw this one together for my boy David out west.

I enjoy making these DJ/Club posters because they remind me of club kid days of past. I used to design these type of flyers back in the day. I had the chance to work with some really awesome promoters and super star DJ’s. The flyers would be distributed in New York and also in Philadelphia. Lots of fun! So it’s very cool to have these designs distributed in California.

Making these flyers also remind me of running with an old kru that COULD rock-it late night, all up in da clubs of NYC, as well as the all nighters we had at some of Philly’s greatest underground  parties.

Anyway, if you haven’t listened to Ample Mammal or The Polish Ambassador, then you need to get up on it—SON!

Here is an FB link to more details. This show is not to be missed.



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The Bikini Bandits Episode 7 movie short vs. The 69 Eyes, Dead Girls are Easy music video

Mature content.

I just came across The 69 Eyes, Dead Girls are Easy music video and it hauntingly has some similarities to The Bikini Bandits Episode 7 movie short, I was an assistant art director on back in 1999… You be the judge.

The Bikini Bandits video:

The 69 Eyes video:


10 Minute Designs – TMD

Inspired about hearing that The Polish Ambassador was playing a gig at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco this week, I knocked out a quick poster to promote the show. In less than ten minutes, then I posted it on his FB page.

Which has inspired yet another idea, 10 Minute Designs, TMD. The goal is to make a poster everyday in less then 10 minutes.

Let's see how that works out.


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