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Tina Geis – Vintage Process – O5B8

This was taken at the Dunn wedding.

Bar-B-Q Rest Stop

Before and after the processing and color correction.

Confessions Of A Masked Man

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Just came across the works of Boss Logic, Confessions Of A Masked Man.

Peep the site.

Absolutely inspiring.



Awesome 2 Awful – TMD – NOMNOW – Duel

In the life and times of a designer, you come across situations where you have the opportunity to make things that will inspire and be creatively interesting, only to be quickly shot down and replaced with an awful idea.Today this happened to my buddy Mike. Then, another friend Matt, responded with this phrase… “From awesome to awful in a matter of minutes”.

This comment sparked today’s TMD as well as a poster challenge between Matt and myself.

So for everyone out there, keep in mind that no matter how much fun you are having it can go from awesome to awful in a matter of minutes.

Enjoy and lets get inspired,

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The AE (Account Executive) – TMD

The first few minutes at work this morning sparked this idea for a new

Ten Minute Design (TMD). Attack of the monster AE!!!! :∫

Work can sometimes feel as if we’ve been cast in a monster movie. Right?! haha…

It’s just another day at the agency. And I’m super lucky to do what I love…
Play with my crayons!

I love my AE’s. Seriously, I’m married to one… lol…


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@RevRunWisdom – Kindness – TMD

A humble homage to a childhood hero…



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Snowqueen Suki Snowmageddon

Absolutely love my puppy. Suki during the snowstorm on February, 6th 2010.

Suki Love Betancur is a Schnauzer + Jack Russell mix. She is super smart, loyal and sweet. She will be 3 years old this April.