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Art the Bee – SCAD

Taken at Poetter Hall

The Polish Ambassador rocked it last night in Savannah.


Tina Geis – Vintage Process – O5B8

This was taken at the Dunn wedding.

Bar-B-Q Rest Stop

Before and after the processing and color correction.

Savannah Historic District – Exteriors

These photographs were taken in our neighborhood. Gina and I are living in the Historic District of Savannah, GA. Savannah is a lovely picturesque town. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did taking them.

Confessions Of A Masked Man

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Just came across the works of Boss Logic, Confessions Of A Masked Man.

Peep the site.

Absolutely inspiring.



50 Beautiful Winter Wonderland Photos – Smashing Magazine

Inspired by today’s lil snowstorm… I’ve posted this link of winter photography I stumbled upon earlier.

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