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I Am Here In My Mold – OB1


Video: Nom Now exclusive | Phrequency | 07/30/2010

Nom Now kids in effect… Congrats on the show tonight!

Ample Mammal AKA The Polish Ambassador Live at The New Parish, Oakland, CA

Threw this one together for my boy David out west.

I enjoy making these DJ/Club posters because they remind me of club kid days of past. I used to design these type of flyers back in the day. I had the chance to work with some really awesome promoters and super star DJ’s. The flyers would be distributed in New York and also in Philadelphia. Lots of fun! So it’s very cool to have these designs distributed in California.

Making these flyers also remind me of running with an old kru that COULD rock-it late night, all up in da clubs of NYC, as well as the all nighters we had at some of Philly’s greatest underground  parties.

Anyway, if you haven’t listened to Ample Mammal or The Polish Ambassador, then you need to get up on it—SON!

Here is an FB link to more details. This show is not to be missed.



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The Polish Ambassador vs. Mochipet in the Battle of the Suits – The Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA

Made this poster the other night for The Polish Ambassador (TPA).
TPA is an awesome and talented electronic producer.

Check out his latest mix on FB here

Also, for a free mp3 download of his alter ego Ample Mammal, click here.


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Onto The Next – TMD

Today was an interesting day. This poster was drawn from today’s experience.

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. I refuse to look regretfully at the closed door, but embrace what’s upon the horizon. A new chapter has begun…word!

The look for this poster took a little longer than ten minutes. Plus, I nodded out at the computer. hahaha…

Oh, and I’m still rockin’ the latest Hybrid album, Disappear Here (thanks Dre!). Woke up to the track Break my Soul…I’m hooked. I effen love breaks!


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Awesome 2 Awful – TMD – NOMNOW – Duel

In the life and times of a designer, you come across situations where you have the opportunity to make things that will inspire and be creatively interesting, only to be quickly shot down and replaced with an awful idea.Today this happened to my buddy Mike. Then, another friend Matt, responded with this phrase… “From awesome to awful in a matter of minutes”.

This comment sparked today’s TMD as well as a poster challenge between Matt and myself.

So for everyone out there, keep in mind that no matter how much fun you are having it can go from awesome to awful in a matter of minutes.

Enjoy and lets get inspired,

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That’s Why Girls Are Good – TMD

Today’s Ten Minute Delectable came out of a poker game last week.

A good friend Marielle came through with some of the finest sweets… The kru was like damn gurl…” her reply, “That’s why girls are good”.

That phrase stuck in my head, so here it is brought to life this afternoon.


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